Loving Care Preschool Pictures F.A.Q.

Loving Care Preschool

  • Login: 
  • Use your personal email address
  • Password: 
    Sent home with your child.
  • Expiration:
    This link will expire on February 28, 2018 *may vary for different preschools*
  • Payment:
    Please pay with a credit card online. 
  • Downloading:
    Select "Buy All" to purchase the digital images from the album. If you purchase a digital download. The link will be sent to your email. You have 24 hours once you receive your link to download.Digital images are not provided on a disc or cd.
  • Print Release:
    Once you order your print release will be emailed to you. You will need that to pick up your photos from Walmart.
  • Prints: 
    Available to purchase with a minimum order of $25. These will be sent out to my lab and will be drop shipped directly to you from the lab. 
  • Social Networking: When posting online please give credit to @Mandi Ellerbrock @Small Town Bliss Photography. You may not post screenshots of your child's images unless paid for. I can see many of your post when you screen shot them as we have mutual friends, so it’s just common courtesy - please and thank you.


Having trouble with your download link? 

  • You must use a computer, not your phone or tablet to download.
  • Some work computers may not let you access these links or download so please use a your personal computer or a family/friends.
  • Disc are not available so if you are not able to download your images you may want to choose the print option.
  • Please contact me with further questions mandi@smalltownblissphotography.com